Introduction of Past Governor

General Descriptions

The Fujian Provincial Government of the Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as Fujian Provincial Government) was established on July 3, 1927, and its organizational development can be divided into four stages. The first stage was the “Mainland China Era”, in which the provincial governors were Yang Shu-chuang, Chiang Kuang-nai, Chen Yi, Liu Chien-hsu, Li Liang-jung, and Chu Shao-liang.

The second stage was the “Relocation to Kinmen Era” from November 1949 to July 1956. In response to the country’s military needs, military rule was implemented for Kinmen and Matsu, with a brief period of separation of military and civil administration in 1955. The governors of the Fujian Provincial Government were Hu Lien and Tai Chung-yu during this era.

The third stage was the “Military Administration Era”. In July 1956, the implementation of military administration began in the Kinmen-Matsu Region, and the Fujian Provincial Government moved to Xindian Township, Taipei County (now Xindian District, New Taipei City). It was responsible for studying restoration plans for various parts of Fujian Province, conducting surveys and training of talent reserves, and liaising with overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese. The governors were Tai Chung-yu and Wu Chin-tzan during this era. Tai Chung-yu served as the governor of the Fujian Provincial Government for 31 years, the longest tenure out of all governors, while Wu Chin-tzan was the first governor of the Fujian Provincial Government from Kinmen.

The fourth stage was the “Implementation of Local Self Governance in Kinmen-Matsu Region Era”. On November 7, 1992, the military administration in the Kinmen and Matsu regions was terminated, and local self-governance began to be implemented in the counties of Kinmen and Lienchiang; on January 15, 1996, the Fujian Provincial Government officially moved back to Kinmen. During this stage, there were 12 governors of the Fujian Provincial Government, including Wu Chin-tzan, Yen Chung-cheng, Chen Chin-jun, Hsueh Hsiang-chuan, James Hsueh, Chen Shyh-kwei, Luo Ying-shay, Schive Chi, John Deng, Woody Duh, Lin Chu-chia, and Chang Ching-sen. From Yen Chung-cheng on, the governorship of the Fujian Provincial Government had been held concurrently by the secretary-general of the Executive Yuan or the ministers without portfolio of the Executive Yuan. Among which Chen Chin-jun and Hsueh Hsiang-chuan also held the post of the Secretary-General of the Executive Yuan, while the rest were concurrently ministers without portfolio of the Executive Yuan.